What your doctors might not see


What does this do?
What does this do?

The old way

Have you noticed a change in conversations when people get together now? A looooong time ago it used to be, “Girl, don’t you take all that medicine they be giving you. You don’t know what’s in that stuff!”  Thanks to millions of dollars worth of advertising and years of public relations, (little of which has to do with the content or success of the drug), the conversations changed. Then it became, ” Girl, my arthritis is a mess, my migraines are killing me. I’ve got to take my….(drugs)”.  Everybody was on a statin. Everybody was on high blood pressure medicine. Everybody had someone close to them who was on dialysis.

Coincidentally, everybody  wasn’t willing to give up their Kentucky Fried or their Roll-the-Dice Pizza. They would just add on their Silver Bullet energy drink to pick themselves up.  Hmmm..  At the same time, friends seem to have lost their ability to measure their personal risk factors, or to even look at them. If one ventured to ask if they’d even like to taste a “healthy” alternative (banish the thought), they’d say, “My  doctor says I’m doing great.” Or, “I’ll ask my doctor about it.”

Then we got stuck in Stage 2

We went through Stage 2

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