African American Self-Love Through Conscious Eating

African American Self Love Through
Healthy Eating:
Books for Black Folks

The Bible tells us from the beginning, to beware of the fruit of the tree. And to beware of the serpent (money?).

Does that apple (apples don’t grow in Bethlehem/Northern Africa so…) represent the havoc that sugar and almost everything white (potatoes, flour, dairy, ice cream, breads, pasta, cocaine) wreaks on a naturally healthy body?

Is this another warning that goes unheeded as we watch record numbers of black men and women succumb to diseases primarily caused by what we eat?

Eating healthy? – No, if you’re buying fast food or food from a regular grocery store you’re not eating healthy. Healthy eating – requires time and attention, reading and asking non-traditional as well as traditional medical providers for their ideas – testing them out and recording the effects.

What could possibly be more important than what feeds your body and your brain? – God’s inner computer for managing your life.

Food for Thought – Everything we hear about food that you need to know to keep your family safe and healthy.

Karyn’s Conscious Eating – Karyn Calabrese. KarynRaw. com Diet for a Poisoned Planet – How to Choose Safe Foods for You and Your Family by David Steinman, Harmony Books, ISBN 0-517-57512-4Garden Cuisine by Paul Wenner, the creator of the Gardenburger. This is a must read book. It brings you up to date on the politics, pollution and power of food along with giving sound nutrition information and good recipes to boot. Simon & Schuster, ISBN 0-684-83178-3

The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life by Robin Quivers (of the Howard Stern Show). ISBN-10: 1583334734

The Brain Gate – The Little-Known Doorway That Lets Nutrients In and Keeps Toxic Agents Out – J. Robert Hatherill, Ph.D., Lifeline Press, ISBN 0-89526-141-3

Nutritional Medicine – The Healthy Way to Healing for You and Your Family by Dr. Stephen Davies and Dr.  Alan Stewart, Avon, ISBN 0-380-70733-0

The Safe Shopper’s Bible – A Consumer’s Guide to Nontoxic Household Products, Cosmetics and Food by David Steinman & Samuel Epstein, MD (Author of the Politics of Cancer), MacMillan, ISBN 0-02-082085

Genetically Engineered Food – A Self-Defense Guide for Consumers by Ronnie Cummins & Ben Lilliston, Marlowe & Co., ISBN 1-56924-635-1

The Doctors’ Book of Food Remedies – The newest discoveries in the power of food to cure and prevent health problems – from aging and diabetes to ulcers and yeast infections by Selene Yeager, Rodale, ISBN1-57954-362-6

The Book of Macrobiotics – The Universal Way of Health, Happiness, and Peace by Michio Kushi, Japan Publications, ISBN 0-87040-667-1

Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, M.D. ISBN 1-55643-285-2 (Thorough and enlightening; discusses the fact that Jesus taught vegetarianism.)

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