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Got a big cold, get a little tangerine……..

Cold self-help natural solutionsPeople come in hacking and struggling, miserable because they can barely breathe, so we are always interested in what is and isn’t working for them. Understand that every body is different, so some things work for some body types and not for others.

Here’s the summary of the natural (mostly) and good old fashioned “Mama’s” remedies: (Consult your doctor)

Chicken soup – Really!  Scientific research has now revealed that  a substance obtained from cooking chicken bones into a broth has high immune value. Just throw a couple of pieces of chicken into a pot of water with onion (more immune power), celery & parsley, add a little salt & pepper to taste & cook until the meat is done all the way through. It’s good to have some in the freezer & ready.  Can’t do? Try a little Egg Drop soup at your local Chinese  takeout. Canned chicken soup is helpful but the salt content in most canned soups is really high. You don’t want to add to your problems.

The little tangerine! I keep a bowl of clementines around during cold season. Just eat a couple of these and they seem to help even more than the chicken soup. There is something in them that works far better than oranges for colds for many people.

CoQ-10. This supplement is said to increase your ability to get oxygen to your cells. It’s also taken to improve heart health.

The neti pot.  Oprah introduced the neti pot to the public, raving about what it does for her sinuses. Clients have tried it and they rave, too. You can find neti pots now at most drug stores, Whole Foods markets and many other grocery stores.

Zinc. This mineral is very helpful when you are troubled by inflammation of the sinuses and throat. We think germs don’t like zinc. Zinc is a necessary mineral and can be purchased at low cost from most grocery & health food stores.  These are zinc pills with no sugar base as is the case with zinc lozenges. Viruses grow on sugar, so you don’t want to feed the organisms that you are fighting. Many people diagnosed with ADHD are thought to be deficient in zinc.

Epsom Salt bath. People think of epsom salt baths as good for aches and pains and muscle inflammation.  Many folks report that it seems to draw “the yuckies” out of the body and clear up the sinuses when they have the flu or a bad cold. Look for the epsom salt that has magnesium.  For external use only. Follow the directions on the package.

Check out some of the natural cough syrups. They can be very soothing and helpful without adding the stimulant ephedrine which some people have trouble with.

Non-natural solutions:

Mucinex – Follow the directions and cautions and be sure to drink plenty of water. Some people do well taking just half the recommended dose.

Tamiflu – People find that this shortens the length of time they are ill with the flu. You must be diagnosed with the flu and given a prescription for this by your doctor.

There are many other natural cough & cold remedies. Some ailments may actually be the result of allergies. There seem to be more severe airborne allergens. For some people colds and allergens set off asthma. Some short, hacking coughs are not just colds but also signal asthma. A cough with a sort of honking sound may also be asthma. If you can’t catch your breath or have pressure in your chest, head for the doctor.

With asthma, flu & colds, removing allergens and certain foods will reduce the disabling symptoms. That means no dairy, sweet foods or drinks. Milk causes some to produce more mucous and sugars feed germs and viruses making them stronger and you weaker.

Last of all, when you feel a cold coming on and  keep your chest covered, take vitamin C (not orange juice). People report doses of 2,000 mg are usually effective in stopping or slowing down infections.

Oscilloccoccinum – weird name – is a tiny, pleasant homeopathic remedy available at Whole Foods and many health food stores & natural groceries. For the price it’s worth its weight in gold if you take it in time. It can ward off the flu while others are dropping around you.

Simplest preventive? Wear gloves & try to avoid touch pads and other surfaces that others handle. Wash your hands frequently and keep a non-toxic hand disinfectant close by.

24/7 Eyes On Your Teen downloadable appBe the eyes on your child’s location, website views, telephone calls, text and instant messages. Know who’s talking to your child and how often. Block your child from playing computer games when they should be doing homework. Reward them when they limit themselves to the agreed upon times.  Make your teen daughter think you have psychic powers when you magically know exactly when the 20 year old guy down the street has arranged to meet her.

Ever hear someone say “Give up! You can’t watch them all the time”?  The fact that you work, can’t be home all the time and have to leave your kids everyday needn’t prevent you from being “Parent Johnny-on-the-spot”.  With the help of a number of (some even free) downloadable apps for your computers, phones, tablets and other electronic devices, you can now see everywhere your child goes on the web as well as everywhere your child goes on the map. Now, you don’t have to wonder when you call them, whether they really are at home or the library, whether they really have been working on their homework or the next video game level. These apps just might be a parent’s best friend!

Qustodio, as featured on the Steve Harvey show, is one  such app.
Available from , this free download provides a report of your child’s activities. It can be placed on phones and computers without the user knowing it’s there. You can track it in real time from your desk at work or your cell phone.

mamabearapp.comMama Bear is a smart app for smartphones. It shows your child’s time of arrival and departure at physical locations, monitors Instagram photos posted, texts, tweets & messages for keywords & offensive language. It can also monitor your teen’s driving speed. Love it!

Other apps that scored high in reviews are Phone Sheriff, mSpy and Mobile Spy.

Adequate Sleep May Improve Learning and Behavior in ADHD Teens and Kids

Sleep insures better learning & behavior for teens & kids






Dr. Harriet Hiscock, a pediatrician at Murdoch Children’s Research at the Royal Children’s Hospital in Victoria in Australia, found that many of the problems associated with ADHD – poor behavior, school readiness, irritability and impulsiveness, declined with increased sleep.

When parents are taught how to establish night time routines, clear bed times and the removal of electronic equipment from childrens’ rooms, children were able to achieve better sleep. Their behavior was improved during the day as well as at home in the evening. Researchers noted that parents are so exhausted in the evening and may need to make a concerted effort to implement changes but noted that the results were often positive.

Researchers are examining the effect of blue light from computer screens on brain stimulation and the body’s signaling system. It has been suggested that this light overstimulates the brain making it difficult for people to fall asleep..

Kids Are Being Prescribed Antidepressants and ADHD Meds at Increasingly High Rates

ADHD meds & childrenIn the report, Children’s Health Spending: 2009 – 2012, issued by the Health Care Cost Institute, an increase in prescription drug use by children and teens in the United States was noted along with increasing hospital admissions for substance abuse and mental health problems. While girls were more likely to be prescribed antidepressants, boys were more frequently prescribed ADHD drugs including amphetamines, cerebral stimulants, respiratory drugs and miscellaneous anorexigenics. These increases affected boys beginning at ages 4 to 8 years while girls were more likely to begin receiving prescriptions for these central nervous system drugs in later years, ages 9 to 13.

This trend of increased medication of young children may be attributable to the publics lack of awareness of the efficacy of talk therapy to identify and reduce behavior problems in children. The added education of both parents and children when it comes to coping skills for ADHD and parenting techniques could provide essential lifelong preventive mental health skills.

Do everyday foods affect our kids’ sexuality?

In the 70’s Rachel Carson, a noted scientist, began warning that pesticides used on food crops and landscaping, could have a damaging effect on our health and that of the planet.  At the time, few people took her seriously.   Now it’s  clear that she was on top of her game.

There are tens of thousands of chemicals that are used to grow, process and store foods and for use in household products. Many of these chemicals have never been studied for their effects on humans. We know now that many everyday chemicals are “hormone disruptors” and affect the functioning of sex hormones in our children’s bodies along with affecting their brains.

Effects on their brains result in changes in their moods, intelligence and perception. Hormone disruption may affect their reproductive systems, gender identity and vulnerability to disease, (i.e. cancer).

The website, (World’s healthiest foods) provides an excellent and thorough description of foods, their nutrients and ways to spice up your diet and ensure your health. Another website, has great information, available in video format for viewing and book format. This site will keep you up to date on what you need to know about the food you eat.  Protect your health and that of your children.