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Sweet drinks linked to depression

Sweet but sad and mostly corn syrup.
Sweet but sad and mostly corn syrup.


A Harvard University School of Public Health team linked sugar sweetened drinks to risks of chronic diseases (Brownell, KD et al. 2009) while articifially sweetened drinks are associated with an increase in weight gain (Yang, Q, 2010). Researchers noted that cutting down on these drinks that contain artificial sweeteners would naturally lower the risk of depression.

Researchers have more recently found that both naturally sweetened and artificially sweetened drinks ranked high in the diet of those who were diagnosed with depression.

Specifically, the risk of depression was greatest in those who drank diet iced tea, diet soda and diet fruit punch. Those who drank four cans of fruit punch per day were 38 percent more likely to develop depression. People who drank more than four cans of soda per day were 30 percent more likely to develop depression than those who did not drink any of these kinds of drinks.

Study authors noted that those who drank four cups of coffee per day were about 10 percent less likely to develop depression. (Chen, H, Guo, X, Park, Y, Freedman, ND and Shinha, R.) There have been other studies that question the dietary effects of caffeine and tannic acid in coffee for certain people such as in pregnant women, young children, people with insomnia, those with kidney and liver disease.

Risk of Alzheimers may be reduced by drinking vegetable & fruit juices


In the Kame Project, a ten-year, sizable study of Japanese and Japanese-Americans, Alzheimer’s disease risk was reduced by 76% in those who drank natural fruit and vegetable juices three times a week, compared with those who drank juice less than once a week. It is thought that the polyphenol antioxidants found in juices and in colorful fruits and vegetables, herbs, and spices are probably most responsible for the beneficial effects. The effects of the polyphenol antioxidants were even greater than the antioxidant vitamins found in these foods. These polyphenol antioxidants are found in herbs and spices used in seasoning such as thyme, oregano, turmeric, rosemary and bay leaf.

Those people who possessed the gene linked to the most common form of Alzheimer’s of course, and those who are sedentary might experience the greatest reduction in their risk (Dai, Q, et al, 2006).

It’s important to study the ingredients in packaged juices to be sure they contain only juice and not corn syrup, artificial flavoring and coloring, other sugars (i.e. sucrose, fructose, etc.). The best way to be sure is to juice your own organic fruits and vegetables. Users of Vitamix ( and Nutribullet ( swear by their juices and smoothies.

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Detox your body & detox your brain

One of several books by Karyn Calabrese on how to stay disease and pain-free.
One of several books by Karyn Calabrese on how to stay disease and pain-free.

Now, after all that holiday eating, you can clean up your body internally. This makes your brain happy as well. A happy brain means happy moods, not to mention better health. Karyn Calabrese, a Chicago native and detox guru, breaks it down in her books on detoxing and healthy – really healthy – eating.

This sixty-six year old (yep, that’s a recent picture) says she hasn’t had a cold in 30 years by eating this way. Can’t sleep, grumpy, achy joints, skin problems, depression, anxiety & blood sugar problems? Make it your New Year’s resolution to order one of Karyn’s books, available through her website, or on Kindle version available.

Not surprisingly, many have found that after changing their diets, eliminating processed food & the chemicals in them and providing their brains with improved vitamin & mineral sources – their depression, anxiety, mania, etc. goes away.  Cheaper than many of those drugs and none of the risks.

More on great anti-aging foods

Soak Your Nuts: Karyn’s Conscious Comfort Foods, Book Publishing Company, 2013. ISBN-13: 978-1570672750.

Soak Your Nuts:Cleansing With Karyn: Detox Secrets for Inner Healing and Outer Beauty,  Healthy Living Publications, 2011. ISBN-13: 978-1570672644.