Therapy for black children

You can spend your days and nights trying to figure out what is going wrong in your child’s life. What makes them cry so much? Why won’t they sleep? Why won’t they do their homework? And what’s making you feel so guilty about the life you provide for them?

Children have never been so left out of the American picture as they are now. We are so busy and have so little leeway in our daily schedules that children seem to have to just get with the program or get left behind. And guess what? They’re not happy about it.

Since school is their career, their problems usually show up there. Or you may notice that they’re just not happy. Or your child may be the unlucky third party in a divorce. They shouldn’t have to suffer their whole lives because of situational stress.

We are experts in child development, school, behavioral, and adjustment problems. We can help you limit the damage from the factors that you can’t control.

You can change the path of your child’s life now in a way that can make up for a rough start. And, provide them with emotional flexibility that will give them a life advantage.

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